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Electric Boiler Systems

What Are Electric Boiler Systems?

Although when you think of boilers, you probably think of gas boilers, there has been a surge in the popularity of electric boiler systems. In the following post we will look at why you might need to invest in an electric boiler rather than gas boiler, as well as highlighting some of the best electric boiler systems available at the moment.


Why Do I Need An Electric Boiler Installation?

Normally, customers require an electric boiler installation because the gas supply to their home is not sufficient enough and can not be suitably upgraded without major work being carried out; or because there is no gas supply at all. Further to these reasons, the legal requirements regarding gas boiler flues means that flues have to be visible for their entire length, which is unable to happen without major works.

This demand and legal implications has forced manufacturers to take huge leaps and bounds with the advancement of electric boiler technology and has meant there has been a steady increase in the number of electric boiler installations being carried out.

Now that we understand some of the why behind the surge in interest over electric boilers and electric combi boilers etc. let us look at some of the different electric boiler set-ups.

Potterton Gold


This Potterton electric boiler can replace a conventional boiler. Installing this boiler is simple and involves the removal of the old one and the new one that’s electric being connected onto the return and flow pipes. As long as the existing 2-port controls and valves, pump and system pipework are still in good condition, installing the new electric boiler may not require any additional work.

EHC Comet

Unvented cylinder and electric boiler from EHC for both central heating to be used with both radiators and water heater. If you have enough space and you have a suitable airing-cupboard, it may be worth considering the possibility of investing in a complete electric boiler and central heating system that sees the electric boiler heating up all your radiators and a cylinder. When you have a cylinder, you essentially have a back-up to your heating system in the form of the element present inside the cylinder. For this installation to be successful you will need the traditional set-up of stats, programmer, pump and 2-port valves.

Unvented Cylinder For Properties With Electric Radiators That Need Hot Waster

if you already have an arrangement like this in your home, there is no boiler that actually heats up your actual property. It is likely that you just have either a thermal store kind or an unvented cylinder. Either way, both are only there to heat up the water flowing to your hot water taps.


Electronic Combi Boiler EK BP

Electric combi boilers, like this EK BP one, are still newcomers to the industry and are designed to be a suitable replacement for traditional gas combi boilers. They provide hot water immediately for you to use and they are capable of doing this because they have heater water stored in a cylinder that is located within the boiler itself which is drawn off initially when the hot water tap is run, at the same time as new, cooler water is being heated. These combi boilers mean that you no longer need a tank and/or large cylinder and it is possible to have them installed into smaller areas than normal. However, they are still not likely to fit inside a standard-sized kitchen cupboard as they are much bigger than gas combi boilers.

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