Atag Boilers Review



The ATAG range of combination boilers currently consists of 5 models. The E-Series has a 22kW version and a 32kW version while the Q-Series has 25kW, 38kW and 51kW versions.

Currently Atag Heating produce five different models of boiler. These boilers are available in a different range of power settings. The more powerful boilers are ideal for larger homes, or for bigger families yet even the larger Q series boilers take up a minimal amount of space inside your kitchen.

Whether talking about the E series or the Q series the Atag boilers all look highly stylish, and more importantly offer great heating performance. The E series is more like a traditional combi boiler than the larger Q series. The E series is not fitted with an extra water tank, so it means the flow of hot water will slow down if more than one person is running the hot water tap at the same time.

There are two models in the E series, the 22 KW and the 32 KW boilers. These are cost effective due to their high degree of energy efficiency. They produce enough hot water unless more the one person is using it at the same time.

The Q series is a better boiler for those with larger houses, or more than one bathroom. Though the three versions of the Q series are still classed as a combi boiler they are all fitted with a 14 L water storage tank. This water tank solves the problem of two people not been able to run the hot water at the same time. The three versions are 25 KW, 38 KW and also 51 KW.

Thus Atag boilers are excellent for heating water and central heating, really cost effective and hardly make a dint on the carbon footprint front.

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