Buderus Boilers Review



At present there are three models in the Buderus combi boiler range, all of which are manufactured to the same high specifications. The 500 Combi is available with 24kW and 28kW outputs and both are described as being suitable for homes ranging from 1-3 bedrooms. These models are compact in size and easy to install and service. For larger homes, however, where there is a higher demand for heating or hot water there is the third Buderus model, the 600 Combi 28kW. This larger model is ideal for homes with more than one bathroom or where hot water is in constant demand

General specifications

As mentioned above the three Buderus combi boilers all meet a number of specifications. These include:


The three models in the current Buderus combi boiler range are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, quick to deliver heat and hot water to the home and easy to install in any type of residence which makes them a popular choice for many.

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