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Alpha Boilers has established itself as a reputable brand in the heating industry, offering a range of boilers that cater to various household needs. With a focus on energy efficiency and customer satisfaction, Alpha Boilers has become a go-to choice for many homeowners. The price of installation will vary depending on which Gas Safe engineer you hire and it really pays to shop around, as well as choosing a boiler at the right price. There are lots of reputable heating engineers who will be able to advise you what to expect and we can put you in touch with three providers in your area, all of whom are highly recommended.

Overview of the Brand

Alpha Boilers, part of the Italian-owned Immergas Group, has over 50 years of experience in the heating and boiler market. Known for their innovative engineering and advanced manufacturing, Alpha Boilers provides high-quality products that integrate seamlessly with low carbon technologies

Most Popular Products

Alpha’s most popular products include the E-Tec range, known for its compact design and powerful performance, and the InTec models, which feature Gas Saver technology for reduced gas usage.

1. Efficiency Ratings

Alpha Boilers are designed with efficiency in mind. Many of their boilers come with an ErP ‘A’ rating, indicating high energy efficiency

2. Warranty Offerings

The warranty length varies depending on the model, ranging from 2-7 years for combi boilers and up to 10 years for certain models with the addition of a Premier Pack

3. Technology Integration

Alpha Boilers are compatible with energy-saving products like solar thermal and flue gas heat recovery, allowing for easy and affordable integration of low carbon technologies

Alpha Combi Boilers

Alpha’s Combi Boilers hide a lot of power in a deceptively small design.

As with all Combi boilers, no separate hot water cylinder is required so it will tuck neatly in your home and simply get on with the job of providing hot water for both your radiators and taps. High efficiency, intelligent technology, simple controls and sleek design make Ariston’s Combi Boilers perfect for the modern day homeowner.

Benefits of an Alpha Combi Boiler

-Enjoy the benefits of hot water on demand
-Make the most of your loft and airing cupboard space
-No worries about wasting water or energy – you only heat what’s needed
-Available with 2, 5, 8 or 12 year warranty
-Stainless steel heat exchanger
-No hot water cylinder needed
-ErP ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency
-Auto-diagnostic system
-Anti-frost device
-Range of wired and wireless controls available

Alpha Boiler Models

The Alpha boiler is a make of boiler that has its strong points and offers advantages for those that have it installed in their homes. Alpha boilers are made to be energy efficient and thus cost effective for householders and good for the environment.

All the different types of Alpha boiler are combination boilers that are specifically designed to be easily installed and maintained, greatly reducing the need for expensive repairs. These boilers are made to be easy to use, and despite their simple design offer great heating and boiling performance for their price and size. Alpha boilers are reliable and if properly maintained will provide hot water and central heating for several years at least.

Alpha does have three existing combi boiler lines. These three combi boiler lines are no other than Alpha CDC, Alpha CDX, and the Alpha HE Designs. Each of these units are exceptional in their own ways. They are all very efficient, and the CDC and the CDX brands are brands, which have managed to get A-ratings from the SEDBUK data. The HE Design line of products has also achieved a B-rating.

Alpha Boilers are every inch a heating innovation that is unique, and which does stand out, very proudly on its own as being a top of the line combination boiler brand like no other in the industry. These very fine and high quality boilers speak for themselves and their language is high ranking efficiency personified.

The range of Alpha combi boilers are all powerful water heaters whether you buy them rated at 25 KW or 28 KW models. People that need a more powerful boiler can also opt for the 35 KW version if they need more hot water, or have a larger home to keep warm during the winter.

Alpha Ares Tec Condensing Boiler


High Output modular condesing boiler range from Alpha providing a flexible and efficient commercial heating solution.Over Nine Different floor standing models to choose from. ARES Tec boilers to optimise energy efficiency and comfort levels for building occupiers like no other boilers available today.
-Optimum load matching
-Minimal boiler cycling
-Rapid warm-up time
-Quick response to changing demands
-Boiler is able to operate even if one module fails
-Can be cascaded for higher output requirements
-Available for NG or LPG
-Exceptional energy efficiency
-High modulation range up to 1:40
-Low emissions (<31 ppm low NOx)
-Compact dimensions
-Ultra-low operating noise levels (<49 dBA)
-IPX5D rated

Alpha CDR Range Boiler


The CDR range providing a flexible solution to the majority of traditional installation scenarios.CDR heating-only boilers are for use on open-vented or – using the Alpha sealed system kit – sealed systems. When fitted with a storage cylinder, they are capable of supplying plenty of hot water.Compact dimensions of 600 x 390 x 305mm enable the CDR boilers to be easily sited. With the CD24R being the heaviest at just 28kg, all three models in the range are a simple one-man lift.A CDR boiler is the ideal choice if replacing an old cast iron boiler.

Intec2 SE


Brand new system boiler that features a stainless steel heat exchanger and is part of our popular E-Tec range.E-Tec S boilers come in a choice of two fully-modulating outputs of 20 or 30kW.
-Advanced combustion management
-One-piece casting heat exchanger
-Quicker warm-up and improved circulation
-Gas adaptive valve
-Single electrode
-Compact size and layout
-PCB memory chip
-High efficiency Grundfos pump and hydroblock assembly
-Combined condensate and PRV connection
-Dry change NTCs
-Clip-on DHW temperature sensor
-Backlit LCD with push button controls and detailed operational information
-Frost protection and daily pump kick
-Pipework cover tray.

Intec2 CE


Discontinued. The Intec2 30CE is a combi gas boiler. It is a high efficiency boiler with an efficiency rating of 88.8% making it a B rated boiler. It can be powered with natural gas or LPG.

It comes with advanced combustion management, meaning it’s able to continually control and adjust your gas flow – this is one of the ways it helps in being energy efficient. The InTec C boilers are our flagship combis and they come with a host of premium features that deliver numerous benefits for users and installers alike.

In terms of ease of operation and installation, plus performance and economy, they are second to none.

Available in two outputs, InTec C combis are the perfect choice for anything from small to medium homes.NEW model ErP compliant boiler with advanced combustion management for superior energy efficiency.

Protec Plus System Boilers


The Protec plus system is a condensing wall mounted unit designed and manufactured by Alpha. With this boiler being a highly reliable unit it comes with an efficiency rating of 88.5% and an output rating of 115kW – making the unit perfect for those larger homes where there are two or more bathrooms.Designed for larger output requirements to provide heating only for sealed central heating and open systems.


The high output ProTec Plus range has been designed with siting flexibility in mind. All the boilers are compatible with our open or concentric push-fit flue systems. They are factory-fitted with a ‘B23’ type flue configuration, which can be changed to ‘C’ type by fitting the concentric flue adaptor.


Intec C Boiler


Discontinued. The Intec 30c is a combi gas boiler with an output of 30kW. The Intec C is Alphas flagship combi boiler and it comes with lots of improved features that help deliver benefit to you. These boilers are available in two outputs, 30kW and 24kW. The InTec C boilers are our flagship combis and they come with a host of premium features that deliver numerous benefits for users and installers alike.

In terms of ease of operation and installation, plus performance and economy, they are second to none.

Available in two outputs, InTec C combis are the perfect choice for anything from small to medium homes.


Wall Hung Flowsmart Boiler


For homes with above average hot water demands, look no further than FlowSmart. FlowSmart at last enables even large households to enjoy the energy efficiency benefits of the combination boiler.

The combination boiler is the best and most energy efficient option for most homes with average hot water demands. They provide hot water only when there is a demand and operate without the need to keep a permanent store of hot water.

But due to limits on the combi boiler’s ability to supply large volumes of hot water to a number of outlets at the same time, the less efficient conventional boiler and hot water cylinder set-up is the usual choice for larger properties.

The Alpha FlowSmart system overcomes these issues and in fact, more than matches the hot water performance of a system boiler and 200 litre unvented cylinder, while using 25% less gas.


Intec GS Boiler


Two new InTec boilers with a built-in GasSaver unit represent what must surely be the ultimate combis.

ERP compliant boiler with integrated GasSaver technology
-Two models available
-35% reduction in gas used to provide hot water
-Same connections as a boiler with no additional exposed pipework
-Low electrical consumption


Intec2 XE Boiler


Discontinued. The InTec2 28 XE is a combi gas boiler. It comes with advanced combustion management to help it continually control and adjust the gas flow, helping it to deliver improved energy efficiency.

It has an output of 28kW and an efficiency rating of 88.8%, making it a B rated boiler. It comes with many advantages and is a compact size so it’s easy to access for servicing. This boiler is the smallest and lightest boiler in the alpha range. The very latest addition to our technologically advanced InTec range of wall mounted combination boilers.
Now with advanced combustion management, the InTec2 XE continually controls and adjusts the gas flow to deliver improved energy efficiency
While smaller and lighter than previous models, customers will benefit from the exceptional reliability that has become synonymous with the InTec name.


E-Tec Boiler


The newest addition to our combi boiler range, E-Tec features a brand new stainless steel heat exchanger and is our smallest yet. Being compact allows an easy fit in a standard kitchen cupboard and servicing is made easy with front access.

Available in two outputs, the E-Tec boiler is capable of delivering up to 14.1 litres of water per minute making it the ideal choice for small to medium sized homes. Due to wide waterways within the heat exchanger and a high efficiency Grundfos pump, mains water is warmed up quickly for constant delivery of hot water. The E-Tec range features a brand new stainless steel heat exchanger and is our smallest combi yet.
The newest addition to our combi boilers, the E-Tec range features a brand new stainless steel heat exchanger and is our smallest yet. Being compact allows an easy fit in a standard kitchen cupboard and servicing is made easy with front access.


Eco2 Plus Boiler


Discontinued. The Eco2 Plus is a combi gas boiler with an output of 28kW and an efficiency rating of 88.8%, making it a highly efficient boiler.

This boiler is exclusive to independent merchants and does many things to help you with efficiency, this includes it continually controlling and adjusting the gas flow to deliver improved energy efficiency. As well as this it comes with a backlit LCD to make it easy for you to use and control. . The new Eco2 Plus is a technologically advanced combi boiler available exclusively at independent merchants.


Over all then Alpha boilers provide householders with great value for their money. They are simple to fit and fix, use less energy, plus they provide hot water on demand whilst keeping your home warm.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Alpha Boilers has received mixed reviews from customers. While some customers are very satisfied with their boilers, others have had less favourable experiences. The brand has a customer score of 72% and an overall satisfaction rate of 81% among gas boiler owners It’s important to consider these reviews alongside professional opinions and reliability records when making a decision.

What is great about the Alpha Boilers brand?

The answer is everything. This is because Alpha Boilers are far more than just a selection of leading combination boilers for their customers. They are also the very thing, which is all about providing a special kind of heating innovation like no other, and it is this fact which does make them stand out as being the perfect boiler solution every time.

Why do people like Alpha Boilers so much? Combination boilers or “combi” boilers for short are preferred by individuals for a number of reasons. What combination boilers can do better than other boilers is very clear and apparent. They are highly efficient in the usage of heating water. They heat the water straight from the main’s water supply on demand. This fact is something that just doesn’t eliminate the need for a water storage tank that is bulky, but also, be extremely efficient in all the right ways. One of these right ways is to help lower the cost of electricity bills. Another thing that these “combi” boilers do very well is this. They also help cut down on any harmful C02 emissions.

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