Vaillant Boilers Review

Vaillant Boilers


Vaillant combination boilers are dedicated to offering reliable heating solutions for domestic use. Combination boilers heat water directly from the mains water supply, which bypasses the need for a large, space consuming water tank. Vaillant combi boilers are easy to operate and their efficiency lowers energy bills and reduces harmful CO2 gasses.

Vaillant offer their consumers a range of combi boilers.

Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive
Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 937
Vaillant ecoTEC plus
Vaillant ecoTEC Pro

Vaillant combi boilers are environmentally friendly and are A rated under SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency in Domestic Boilers in the United Kingdom) guidelines, which means that they are more than 90% efficient. Outputs vary between 19kW to 30 kW respectively.

Vaillant combi boilers are compatible with all Vaillant accessories and this makes them easy to install and maintain.

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