Impragas Boilers Review

Impragas Boiler Reviews


ImpraGas is a boiler installation company that was established in 2012, making them relatively new players to the industry. Interestingly, they were founded by the winner of BBC’s Apprentice in 2015, Joseph Valente. The company are fully committed to the goal of providing households in the UK with the option for good value for money boiler replacement services and have a small but dedicated workforce of fully qualified, highly motivated and experienced boiler specialists.

From its inception down to the present day, the company has improved and grown in popularity from year to year.

ImpraGas Boiler Manufacturers

ImpraGas do not manufacture their own boilers, but, instead work with some of the best and highly respected boiler manufacturers in the country to ensure you get the best boiler for your budget, household and lifestyle needs.

Vaillant Boilers
Vaillant Boilers are the boilers recommended by ImpraGas and are a popular brand.
Vaillant are known for their focus on their responsibilities to the environment.
All their products feature components that can either be safely disposed of or recycled and every single new product from the manufacturer features a Global Warming Potential or GWP and an Ozone Depletion Potential or ODP of 0 and comes in packaging that is guaranteed to be 100% recyclable.

Furthermore, many of their boiler models have been awarded with the prestigious Quiet Mark for their low noise output.

Worcester Bosch Boilers
Worcester Bosch are an incredibly successful and popular manufacturer of high quality boilers, who have been in business for more than 50 years.

Glow-Worm Boilers
Glow-Worm has been in business since 1937 and has always been at the forefront of the UK boiler manufacturing industry, producing long-lasting and high-quality appliances.
They are known particularly for their easy fit and easy maintenance properties.

ELNUR Boilers
ELNUR is the leading manufacturer of electric boilers in Europe and great for anyone looking for an efficient and effective alternative to a gas boiler. These are especially suitable for customers who run solar power.
As these are completely electric, there is no need for a gas flue and no chance of poisoning from CO2 gas.

Potterton Boilers
Potterton are known for manufacturing cost-effective and lightweight combi boilers. These are not only particularly easy to install but also incredibly quick too, so you can expect limited downtime if you opt for Potterton through ImpraGas.
Potterton have ensured that all their modern boilers are designed and constructed with efficiency in mind and almost all of their models come with an A rating according to the guidelines set out by the Seasonal Efficiency in Domestic Boilers in the United Kingdom, or the SEDBUK for short.
As with many boiler manufacturers, you have the option of the maximum energy output of your choice.
Potterton Gold combi boiler has been particularly successful, with it being named as a Best Buy by the watchdog Which? for aspects such as the fact it is easy to use and its durable design and construction.

ImpraGas look set to only keep improving and continuing to win over customers with their great customer service, affordable prices and choice of reputable brands and easy to install, operate and service boilers.

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