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Replace an old or broken boiler for instant savings.

Over time, boilers can wear down and become more and more unreliable, with the cost of repairs and breakdowns taking a heavy strain on the pocket of its owner. Your best boiler replacement options depend on how old and inefficient your existing boiler is and the fuel your boiler uses. Our trained professionals will be able to advise you on your best options as well as on current boiler replacement costs.

Modern boilers are known to be more reliable and efficient, lasting longer than older models, once a boiler becomes not only inefficient, but unreliable, it is highly recommended that it is replaced. Boilers account for about 55% of what you spend in a year on household energy bills,so a efficient boiler makes a big cost difference. Old gas boiler replacements can save up to £340 and 1500kg of carbon dioxide a year*.

Enquire about the goverment Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme that will reward all admissable biomass installations with regular tariff payments (similar to the tariff for boiler) for 7 years, which will be be up to £2,525 per year.

Some simple boiler replacement tips

Did u know ?

  • Most Plumbers Charge £35+ per Hour
  • The average emergency boiler call out charge is £150
  • In the height of winter last year the average UK temperature was 1.64 degrees celcius

For efficient heating and prevention of expensive repair costs, it may be an idea to consider a free boiler replacement quote before the winter sets in.
What heating system do u have currently?

Combination boiler

If you see no separate water cylinder anywhere and your hot water is heated by a boiler for immediate use then you most likely have a combination boiler

Gravity fed system with water cylinder

If you have a separate water cylinder then you are likely to have a gravity fed system

High pressure system with water cylinder

High Pressure System are very uncommon, they deliver water at mains pressure and do not have tanks in the loft

What replacment heating systems can you choose from ?


If you are happy with your current combination boiler, then another combo is a good option. If you're looking to increase the boiler size there are combo boilers of 30kW and upwards available these days.


Ideal for larger houses.


Ideal if you are on a budget, in small properties.


Incredible energy efficient.


In the summer 80-90% of your hot water is heated for free

What Are the Cost Considerations ?

A Basic requirements boiler can cost anyting in the range of £500 to £1800

Depending on your current installation and setup - Engineer labour to repair a old boiler can range from £400 to £1500

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