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Over time, boilers can wear down and become more and more unreliable, with the cost of repairs and breakdowns taking a heavy strain on the pocket of its owner. Your best boiler replacement options depend on how old and inefficient your existing boiler is and the fuel your boiler uses. Our trained professionals will be able to advise you on your best options.

Modern boilers are known to be more reliable and efficient, lasting longer than older models, once a boiler becomes not only inefficient, but unreliable, it is highly recommended that it is replaced. Boilers account for about 55% of what you spend in a year on household energy bills,so a efficient boiler makes a big cost difference. Old gas boiler replacements can save up to £340 and 1500kg of carbon dioxide a year*.

Enquire about the goverment Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme that will reward all admissable biomass installations with regular tariff payments (similar to the tariff for boiler) for 7 years, which will be be up to £2,525 per year.

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